Benefit Consulting

In today’s world, a lot of “Consulting Services” have a tendency to be overrated. There are some very expensive consulting firms out there which have compiled a lot of data and developed trends.  But what happens is when YOUR results are compared with trends, you get a report on what happened, not how to fix it.

Is it acceptable to you to be just average? Do you want to be within the trends, or do you want to stand out and beat the trends?

Here at MediBid, we specialize in Tactical Strategies.  Strategies that have proven to beat the trends.

Bottom line?  We pay too much for healthcare, and that just is not acceptable to us.

Recently we were able to produce the following results for a typical client:

  • *         First year reduction of $600,000 or 26%
  • *         Second year reduction of an additional $400,000 or 23%
  • *         An overall 2 year reduction of 43%

We’re not talking about slowing growth, or reducing trends, we’re talking about reversing spending.

We charge fees based on results, volume, or time. Each client is different.

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Ralph Weber holds his Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC) designation in both Canada and the US, and his Group Benefits Associate (GBA) degree. He also holds a certificate in Global Benefits Management. His specialty is Self funded ASO group plans and self funded Multiple Employer Plans for associations, and franchises. Ralph has created plans for as many as  12,200 related companies, or 96,000 employees, as well as single employer plans for companies ranging from 100 employees to 173,000.